Increase your savings
by carpooling
around your home

Add all your daily trips in the Zen app

Receive carpool requests and accept or reject them in 1 click

Increase your savings while reducing your carbon footprint

“Thanks to Zen, I take advantage of my daily trips to save money. Carpooling has brought me great people, and it’s a gesture for the environment. ”

Delphine, Paris

Why use Zen ?

Increase your savings

Receive up to €100 / week* by carpooling on your daily journeys

It's simple, it's Zen

Your driver profile is ready in 2 minutes and you can accept or reject each request in 1 click

An eco-friendly gesture

You reduce your carbon footprint by favoring carpooling**

A time for sharing

Meet passengers visiting your city and the surrounding area and share your good addresses with them!

With Zen, make savings on your regular journeys by sharing your costs

Driving on a daily basis, we know what it’s like! Full of fuel, insurance, maintenance… It quickly gets expensive to ride solo.

Optimise your daily journeys with Zen: receive up to €100 per week* by carpooling around your home with passengers who want to make the same journeys as you.

*Amount calculated for a journey of around 30 km made 5 times a week, within the limits of the current fixed kilometre rate. See terms and conditions.

Carpooling every day is practical, economical and ecological

Did you know that the car occupancy rate is 1.08 people per vehicle on short everyday trips? That transport is the main source of greenhouse gases? By carpooling, you help reduce vehicles on the roads and CO2 emissions**

**BlaBlaCar has helped to avoid 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 by 2022 by promoting shared mobility. Source BlaBlaCar DPEF 2022 -

A simple application as pie!

The only carpooling application for daily journeys developed by BlaBlaCar, the world leader in carpooling:

How does it work


Add your daily trips in the Zen app

Work, shopping, sport, leisure... propose all your daily journeys to passengers


Receive carpooling requests

Accept or reject requests in 1 click


Carpool around your home

Increase your savings while reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the planet!


Receive up to €100 per week

Your payment is made at the beginning of the following week. Ideal for a great start of the week!